21 December 2018 Alex Mitchell

5 Types of Granny Flats

Did you know there are many different types of granny flats you can build? In contradiction to the old stereotypes about granny flats, the design options available are diverse and there are many different reasons why people choose to build them. Having been a Newcastle granny flat builder for over 7 years we have learnt firsthand what is possible, by responding to our clients requests.

Below we have listed five (5) different types of granny flats you could build on your property. We hope this provides you with some added knowledge and inspirational ideas for you to consider when building a Newcastle granny flat of your own.

Detached Granny Flat

A detached granny flat is a standalone secondary dwelling on a block that already contains a main dwelling. Building a detached granny flat can be perfect to use as an investment, as it has a separate entryway to your main house and most often a fence between the two buildings to create more privacy for your family or tenants.

Newcastle Designer Granny Flats

For more information about gaining approval for a granny flat through a Complying Development, click here.

Attached Granny Flat

An attached granny flat is joined to the main dwelling on the property and is designed to fit seamlessly with your home. By altering the orientation of the granny flat we can either maximise your privacy or increase the interaction between the occupants.

Apart from the obvious difference that an attached granny flat is attached by at least one wall to your existing house, there are some other key differences. The first and most important point is that a fire rated wall will be required between the existing house and granny flat. The second key design feature, is that there cannot be an internal entry door between the house and granny flat. The granny flat is required to have its own separate entrance.

Newcastle Designer Granny Flats

Our parent company, Backyard Grannys, have written an article about attached granny flats. Click here to read more.

Granny flat with Garage

Did you know you can build a granny flat with a garage attached? Well, you can! The State Environment Planning Policy (SEPP) permits a granny flat to be built with an internal living space of 60m2. A garage is classified as a non-habitable space and can be attached to a granny flat without it being counted as part of the habitable area. This means you can add a fully enclosed garage (or carport) to your granny flat without losing any space! The garage can also have internal door access making rainy days much easier!

Newcastle Designer Granny Flats

Two Story Granny Flat

Two story granny flats are starting to become a lot more popular as investors and families are realizing the potential of placing one of these homes in their backyard!

Two story granny flats come in different shapes and sizes, however like single story granny flats they are restricted to 60m2 of internal habitable space.

A two story granny flat can include a double garage on the ground floor and a 60m2 granny flat above it. If you require a car space for the main dwelling, we can easily install a privacy wall between the two car spaces and separate entry ways.

We have completed a number of two story granny flats and each of them have their own unique features including a balcony upstairs to maximise living space for indoor/outdoor living.

Our parent company, Backyard Grannys, have written an article about building two storey granny flats. Click here to read more.

Detached Studio

A detached studio is a habitable building that is used for alternative purposes such as a home office, entertainment area, art studio or guest room. A studio granny flat is considered to be an extension of the primary dwelling even though it is separate. You can also build this type of granny flat in a BAL40 or Flame Zone.

This type of dwelling doesn’t contain any cooking or laundry  facilities and isn’t used as a secondary dwelling. Building a studio granny flat is a great option if you work from home and want to create a small home office or for extended family.

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If you have any more questions about what type of Newcastle granny flat you could build on your property, fill in the form below or call 4947 2800.

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