1 February 2019 Alex Mitchell

Is my backyard suitable for a Newcastle Granny Flat?

This is a common question the team at Newcastle Designer Granny Flats is asked when chatting to a new customer about a granny flat for their property; can a granny flat fit in my backyard?

Unfortunately not all blocks will be suitable for a Newcastle granny flat, but we have some great tips to help you identify if your property can fit a granny flat that can be approved via a Complying Development Certificate (CDC).

Firstly, your property must be a minimum of 450m2 in total area and zoned residential. There must also be a 12m width on the property at the building line of the existing dwelling.

Secondly, you must maintain a minimum setback of 3m from the rear of the block and 0.9m from the side boundaries for blocks less than 900m2. The boundary setbacks increase for blocks larger than 900m2. The minimum boundary setbacks do also change if the height of the building exceeds 3.8m. For more information click here to download our secondary dwelling fact sheet.

If you have any existing trees on your block that are over 4m in height, the granny flat must be placed at least 3m away from those trees.

To build a secondary dwelling under the granny flat classification, the granny flat design can be built to a maximum of 60m2 internal living space. Patios, carports and garages can be added onto the granny flat and are not included in the 60m2.

Have a look at the diagram below to see if this helps you identify if a granny flat in Newcastle can fit on your block.

Newcastle Designer Granny Flats Site Map









If you are still unsure if a Newcastle granny flat meets the requirements to build under a CDC, we offer an obligation FREE online site assessment to help determine your property’s suitability. Fill in the form below to request your FREE online site assessment.