13 July 2018 Alex Mitchell

Building a designer Newcastle granny flat : Site Preparation

Our last blog gave a background about our new blog series discussing the process of building a designer Newcastle granny flat. In particular it touched on some of the design features and also outlined some of the first steps involved when we establish a site (click here to see the site establishment blog). In this blog we will be reviewing the site preparation stage of the build.

Once we’d sorted all the necessary planning for our designer granny flat and established the site, it was time to get to work preparing the space for the new build. The site required demolition of an existing garage and a large section of the existing concrete driveway which ran to the side street. Some small trees and paving were also removed ready for the build.

After demolishing the existing structures, our attention turned to cutting and filling the site and establishing the correct ground levels. Some sections of the block required a large cut, while others needed to be backfilled against newly installed retaining walls. Additional fill was brought in to help level the ground against the new concrete sleeper retaining wall system.

With the site now level, we were able to scrape, clean and prepare an area for the concrete slab to be formed and poured. In our next blog  we will discuss the process of forming and pouring a concrete waffle pad slab.

If you want to come and see The Silverdale in person, we are having a Grand Opening for this designer granny flat and we want to invite you to come. Click here to RSVP to the event!

If you are thinking about building your own designer granny flat, fill in the form below. 

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