2 July 2018 Alex Mitchell

Building a designer Newcastle granny flat: The process from start to finish

We are excited to share this new blog series with you on our first build of The Silverdale, one of our newest designer granny flats. This particular granny flat was built by Director, Alex Mitchell to be one of our new display homes. Interestingly, for this project we also have been filming a video time-lapse of the construction. We will be sharing the final video very soon.

A lot of preparation goes into our designer granny flat projects, so the start-up stage is quite extensive – and of course, very exciting for the owners! Because this granny flat was built for one of our Directors the process was a little bit different to normal. Our building coordinator, Jacob Kepreotes, worked very closely with Alex, to ensure everything would be completed accordingly.

In terms of action on the site itself, this week sees the site fencing put up to create a compound for the project. We want to ensure we keep any interruptions to the tenants in the main dwelling to a minimum.

We’ve already established that access will be straightforward, as there is an existing driveway at the back of the site for entry and exit of the site.

This project is the first time this particular granny flat design is being constructed by the team. The ‘Silverdale’ is a two-bedroom designer Newcastle granny flat, with one bathroom, one internal laundry cupboard and an open plan living/dining/kitchen space.

The granny flat’s plan features raked ceilings and a double skillion roof. For the uninitiated – a raked ceiling follows the angle of the roof. A skillion roof has a single flat surface on a steeper pitch whereas a standard hip roof has the elements coming together to form a peak. The combination of these two elements creates a great designer feature that is carried from the outside to the inside of the granny flat.

In terms of indoor/outdoor living this design features a covered and tiled front porch and a tiled alfresco at the rear. Although such characteristics make the flat very liveable and great for entertaining, this model will initially be used as a display home.

Our team understand that people who are considering building a granny flat would like to be able to see one for themselves, which is why we make sure we always have a number of granny flat display homes. What makes us different is that each year we endeavour to change over our display homes to make sure we can provide people with the widest range of examples to view.

If you want to come and see The Silverdale in person, click here to RSVP to the event!

Check out the floorplan of The Silverdale designer granny flat below.

silverdale designer granny flat floor plan

In our next blog, we’ll explain the first steps our team took when beginning construction on this Silverdale designer granny flat.

But in the meantime, if you have a granny flat project you would like to discuss, please get in touch by filling in the form.

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