27 July 2018 Alex Mitchell

Building a designer Newcastle granny flat: Framing

We have been blogging a new series about building a designer granny flat and our last blog gave some background into how we pour a slab when building a Newcastle granny flat. In this blog we will be discussing how we put up the frame for this granny flat.

When following the progress on the build of our new contemporary designer granny flat, The Silverdale, we were excited when the timber trussing arrived on site.

Framing, or putting up the wall and roof trusses, is a key step in the construction of our Newcastle granny flats. Given this was our debut build of The Silverdale design, getting it right the first time was our number one goal.

The supplier constructs the framing off-site, as per our measurements and plans, making best use of current construction technology, and once delivered to the build site, it is a straightforward process for the team to install.

The Silverdale’s contemporary vision required custom framing to accommodate its unique double skillion roof and, in completion, its raked internal ceiling. We’re pleased to say that the Backyard Granny’s team worked wonderfully together to nail the framing tasks (pardon the pun!).

This is generally the stage in the construction timeline of a granny flat where windows and entry door framings are installed. We were very strategic in the way we planned the orientation of windows, and the addition of a frameless corner window in the second bedroom is a definite winner in the street appeal stakes.

So, we’re pretty much at the halfway point in our journey to complete the build of our inaugural Silverdale design. In our next blog we will walk you through the lock up stage. Which includes the installation of the roof, fascia, gutter, windows, doors and cladding.

You can see our progress to date through these links:

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