3 August 2018 Alex Mitchell

Building a designer Newcastle granny flat: Lock Up!

Over the past few weeks we have been taking you through the process of construction a designer Newcastle granny flat, The Silverdale. We are up to the Lock Up stage now, have a look back on how far we have come through earlier blogs.

Progress on the build of our contemporary designer Newcastle granny flat, The Silverdale, is on track and we’re now at the stage where we can begin putting flesh on its bones, so to speak.

With the granny flat fully framed, the next step is to install sarking. Sarking is a layer of flexible insulation installed on walls and gables to help protect the building. There are several products we use but on this one we chose HardieWrap™. It has a triple-shield of protection to help against external weather penetration, internal condensation build-up and external heat penetration. Plus, it is lighter and easier to cut compared to other foil wall barriers.

granny flat hardiewrap

The double skillion roof (as explained in our earlier blog) was fitted with a COLORBOND® roof in MONUMENT® that we customised with 600mm oversized eaves to add to the aesthetics of the design and functionality in summer (blocks out the sun).

The external walls feature a combination of horizontal and vertical James Hardie™ Scyon™ fibre cement cladding. This is a great product as it is low maintenance and resistant to rotting, fire, impact, moisture damage and termites when installed and maintained correctly. We used a combination of the horizontal Scyon™ Linea™ weatherboard and vertical Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding, painting each in slightly different colour tones to accentuate the featured textures.

The Bradnams Windows used throughout The Silverdale design have been placed strategically throughout the granny flat. The orientation of the block was the key design consideration with all the windows were placed to maximise natural light and privacy. We are really excited to have included a feature frameless corner window in bedroom two at the front of the dwelling to add to the street appeal.

The final step this week was the installation of the external doors, meaning we could finally declare that we had reached lock up stage! What was once an under-utilised backyard was another step closer to being home to a contemporary designer Newcastle granny flat.

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